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Merging Lane Police Force

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I've been seeing more of these guys on the road lately. So, I was going east from Windsor, I come to a construction site on the road, so the highway narrows to one lane. But sometimes a semi truck who appoints himself as the merging lane police officer would block anyone from using the lane that's ending until it's actually ending. So they would start driving in the middle of two lanes to purposely block people from going there even thought there are like 500-600 meters remaining.

Is it legal to intentionally block people from using it until its end? Is it reportable?

I passed a semi truck that was doing it and I had to sped up because he swerved into me while I was literally still passing him -- it seems he was really upset that I used the lane until its end. I don't know why people care so much about what others do that don't affect them.

Sky Cloud Automotive parking light Car Vehicle

Then the other day, heavy duty truck was doing the same thing (one of those F-350 type). It was obvious, they're blocking people on purpose because he was moving back to the ending lane when he notices I was about to pass him from it.

It's like a customer blocking other customers from entering a store because it's closing in 1 hour. Whatever sickness this behaviour is, it doesn't make sense.

A quick diagram of how he was blocking two lanes. My point of view is from the car at the very top.

Font Parallel Rectangle Vehicle Screenshot
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You see the Texas symbol in bottom right hand corner of picture ?

That means passing on shoulder at 120 m.p.h.

They tailgate at 85-90 m.p.h.

Driving is a Blood Sport on interstate around Dallas.
Oh it's just a parking lot up in here ...ain't going no where.. forever traffic and construction that never seems to end.
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No . . . Heading south to League City around Housten near N.A.S.A. is a damn parking lot if you end up there around " Rush Hour".
And the Galveston Ferry is an hour wait if you travelling late night or early a.m.
Used to go offshore out of Galveston. To heliports & boat docks.

Lot of fun before G.P.S. finding docks & heliports at 3:00 a.m. in the dark when you've never been there before. Miss the flight & you're out of a job.

Drive all night to
A.) Sit at a heliport till afternoon flight.
B.) Fly offshore at 6:00 a.m. & begin a 12 hour day . . .

Fun fun fun.
Daam boomer how old r u ? U seem to know alot of ish about random ish. Lol u seemed quite knowledgeable about the Canadian currency too in the queen is dead thread . Did u use to live in this beautiful land of honey ? 🥰
And yet @tohunt4me has never learned how to 'crop' a mobile screen shot. :rolleyes:
Allow the boomer...🤫🙈
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