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I am a reporter for KCUR radio station working on a story about alcohol and drinking and driving in Kansas. I'd like to talk with a driver about picking up people who have been drinking. I know Uber drivers take a lot of people home safely at night, but sometimes these passengers can be obnoxious or dangerous. I think listeners would be interested in hearing about what you see. If you'd like to talk or know a driver who would, please let me know.

My phone: 816-235-6423

Thanks, Alex

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I took a PAX home once who was drugged at a pool party.
Her friend called me, we went to go pick up this "drunk" friend, show up to the establishment, girl's passed out like spaghetti, security carrying her out, sit her in my back seat, they strap her in, PAX friend who called me and friends at the party argue 10 minutes about whether to take her home or the hospital, friend finally decides to just take her home, had to get out to help her get her friend (scrawny thing, maybe 100 Lbs. or so) out of my seat (PAX friend was also a rather short and 100 Lbs. or so herself, no way she could get her out herself).

$4.25, no tip.

Lol one for my book of stories.
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