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Okay, needing to figure out this new Uber Environment.

Can someone give a high level explanation of how the medals/Silver/Gold/Platnium work? I haven't driven in a while and I am trying to see what to do about all of this nonsense that Uber is spilling at us. Do we have to opt in to these incentives/hourly deals or is it just drive and you hit thresholds, etc.


Once again, sorry for the question that I am sure has been answered before.

Thanks in advance!

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I agree with the post above, everyone seems to have different incentives, but most of them are pretty uniformed. As far as I know, there are two types-Hourly and medals.

It might works differently for you, but for me, it works like this.

Anytime I don't drive at all in the week (I heard some people say it happens if you take 24 or less trips in a week. If you take 25 trips, it will give you silver), I will get 30 dollar hourly guarantee +150 once completing 30 rides.
Anytime you take
25-49 trips, you get silver. 50-74 trips, you get gold. 75+ and you get gold.

Honestly speaking, I haven't drove hourly for quite awhile and some people claims that the ping for hourly are rigged while other says they finish their hourly just fine. There might be some magical equation about ping prioritization which I don't know.

But from my experience, if both hourly and medals works perfectly in an ideal situation for driver's benefit, I would say hourly>medals (assuming uber don't **** you over with pings and you stay online for all hours for all the hourly guarantee duration).

Due to the limitation of how you can get hourly guarantee, you must work less for one week so you can get hourly guarantee in the next week. So, for example, you take first week of the month off off, get hourly for second weeks, and once you done the hourly second week, you get medal so you must drive less for the third week so you get hourly again on the last week of the month. So, you earn about 1100 (online for all hourly hour and get the 150 bonus) raw payout before other out of pocket maintenance and gas and it adds up to 2200 max a month.

When I work medals, I usually earn about 900 -1000 a week before all the out of pocket expense. But, I earn more in a months in total since I work four weeks in a month while hitting plat status every week, I can earn about 3600 raw pay out. Also, after keeping track, I notice that I work longer hour than the hourly guarantee and earn less in the same time.

So, to sums it up for you....Assuming you drive exactly like me who works only during the weekend (I work thurs-sun with medal and fri to sun for hourly hitting all the best incentives)

Hourly and Medal pro and cons from my perspective

Work shorter hour and earn more per hour than medal while only need to driver fri-sun.
Your limit is that you must only work every other week and you can only earn about 2200 maximum in a month

Work longer hour and poorer rate than hourly, but you earn more in a month.
I earn about 3600 raw payout working 4 days in a week driving only weekend. But you can earn lot more than 3600 assuming you also drive week day prime incentive which can prob boost you to earn about 4000-4500 easily. Down side is that you will have to work longer hours for lesser rate compare to hourly.

Also, this is from my point of view and self observation solely from my own driving style and habit, others might disagree with me and might claim that medal is better all the way through.
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