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Tried Uber out, and ran both X and XL platforms.

X sucked larger than normal 'sausage', and XL only made sense on long runs, but even then was ruff.

I.E., with the 'Uber machine' taking 28% of Uber XL fares, making my average Uber XL fare to miles being equal figures, the lie of Uber took hold quick.

If my 'shared ride' (wink, wink) gets me an average rate of miles per ride (which it does in non- surge), and I have to re-position my X or XL platform after the drop in order to keep performing, well, my (shared ride) fares average out to about 10 bucks an hour, to share my ride (BEFORE EXPENSES).

Surge price rates you ask?

Sure, but, if all you choose to chase ONLY surge fares to make a check, good luck on pax ratings holding YOU accountable for capitalism (Damn you to hell, you shared ride driver, you. (wink, wink)).

Uber is the Walmart Lie of 2015, and that's the best way to frame it.

Uber is now too big to contest, financially, and you either take the 'job' or someone else will be thankful for the ping.

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