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WTF fuber I got 3 same ping 3 times in a row! Someday one of those ride is going to be bad news and we all know you are going to blame this on driver. At least give an account time out when drivers are reporting no seat or minor or is it that difficult for you to implement for multi-billion dollars tech companies?

Here is how my afternoon started. After dropping off two lost business man that had me go to .54 miles I got ping from around Berkeley Heights. Martha with two kids and a toddler.

"I am sorry but do you have a baby seat?" "No?" Cancelled and drove away 4 minutes to nearest DD. Went to bathroom, ordered $2 Cold Brew ate french cruller turned on app. Few minutes later 5 minutes ping, accept, Martha, same location, Cancelled - No seat. Turned off app again and drove further away got another same rating ping and 13 minutes away!!! I got curious accept!!! No ****ing way!!! It was same person!!!!!

With disgust, I turned off app and decided to go up north to different town and I got a ping with text "Wait for me at school parking lot." I looked and it was elementary school. I texted "please cancel if you are not 18." And it turns out, a school teacher having a car proble, looking to go home.
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