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Mandatory Blue Cards

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Rhode Island has just passed a bill mandating that all Uber drivers must have blue cards, minimum insurance requirements, and that we both must collect 7% Rhode Island sales tax on all fares. I'm not sure when this is supposed to start but has Uber notified any of the partners of this? What are some of the partners responses to this?

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$130 a day???!!! I hope you made at least that amount in your pocket! The cabbies in Providence that are illegally leasing by the day usually pay $40 a day for a 12 hour shift. Problem with that is sometimes after these drivers pay for gas they may only have $30 for themselves and they still owe $10 to the boss. This happens often as the summer is very slow in Providence as the students are away and there a just way too many cabs with not enough work. If I had the time and strength I could talk for hours about the nonsense I had to deal with from the companies I worked for in Providence and the cut throat nature of my fellow cabbies, including the ones in my own company....
It's definitely slower when the kids are out of school. I didn't even make the 130 for the day so I ended up quitting.
Jeeze no wonder you dislike driving cab. You were getting screwed and what they were doing was probably illegal. This is why taxis get a bad name. In the past couple years since I went back to driving taxi I worked for three companies. The first two screwed me royally, but this company I'm with now is the best driving job I ever had but it took awhile to find it. There are good driving jobs out there with flexibility and decent money but unfortunately that is not always the case and you really have to look around. While I looked in the driving over and I didn't want to because I was a little leery, I also used to tell my fellow cab drivers at their attitudes, the condition of the cabs, and the treatment of the passengers made Uber a necessary evil. People want choices and hopefully if nothing else maybe Uber being in Rhode Island will help shape up some of the other cab companies to do the right thing. Pretty doubtful but there's no reason why we can't all work out here, whether for Uber, taxi company, livery service or any such job you get along since we all have the same common goal
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That is very true there is no reason why we all cant play nicely.
In my humble opinion there's two things going on. Uber isn't 100% supporting its independent contractors. And in such a small state like ri it's nearly impossible to not step on each other's toes business wise...and I'm sorry Rebecca1266 that companies like uber cut in, complicate or annoy you as a professional cab driver. But if anything these companies are the future and companies like orange cab are going the way of beta max, vhs and my beloved laser disc. So good luck to everyone out there if your filling out a w-4 or a 1099 we are all doing our own hustle and should be respected as such.
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