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Mandatory Blue Cards

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Rhode Island has just passed a bill mandating that all Uber drivers must have blue cards, minimum insurance requirements, and that we both must collect 7% Rhode Island sales tax on all fares. I'm not sure when this is supposed to start but has Uber notified any of the partners of this? What are some of the partners responses to this?

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Rhode Island has just passed a bill mandating that all Uber drivers must have blue cards, minimum insurance requirements, and that we both must collect 7% Rhode Island sales tax on all fares. I'm not sure when this is supposed to start but has Uber notified any of the partners of this? What are some of the partners responses to this?

This is all stuff Uber has to do. Most of this stuff are already met like the background checks and insurance. Uber has at least 1 million in insurance for the riders. We don't need to do anything yet.
I think the blue cards are your responsibility. If you have to have the same requirements to get one you need a chauffeur licence, copy of your driving record and a RI BCI, although I'm not sure how the last will work since Uber does their own background checks. It's costs a total of $50 for all of these things and takes about a day to get everything and down to the PUC for the free blue card. Application for chauffeurs license and copy of drivers record can be printed out from RI DMV website...
Maybe I'll have to re read it because I didn't see anything about blue cards yet.
Yes that's what the permits to the PUC are all about, blue cards. Google Uber Rhode Island news and you will see. The link that I put up there didn't mention blue cards by name but many of the other news postings did
Just curious as to when Uber plans to tell their Partners this and also curious as to if Uber blue card requirements are going to be different than Taxi...
Uber doesn't say anything until last minute. I don't think the blue cards will be any different.
Also since Uber and Lyft have both agreed to the mandatory fee to operate which amounts to $150 per vehicle, will they be passing that on to you partners?
I hope not without raising the rates a little
But it's 10 thousand for the first 100 cars then 150 after that per car. I think they will pay it
How much you want to bet they pass the cost on to their partners? And I believe it is $15,000 for 100 cars on the road as that was proposed to be the maximum allowed. Anything over is $150 per car. Actually this was a compromise as the State wanted even more....
Ya you are right it is 15000. They will just have to raise the rates to where they were last summer
You better hope Uber wasn't stupid enough to agree to some sort of rate cap with the state. Everybody *****es about the rates that taxis charge, but these rates are set by the state. And what many people don't know is the rate increase that went into effect in 2014 was the first rate increase for taxis IN TWELVE YEARS! How many people would be willing to go without some sort of pay raise for 12 years? And taxi companies will never decrease their rates or ask for a decrease to become competitive with Uber and Lyft because it's not cost effective. I'm not sure how you guys actually make money after gas, tolld and maintenance, but many taxi companies barely hold on with the set rates as they are now...
Unlike the taxi we don't have to taxi around to get fares so there isn't any wasting gas there. Tolls come out of the passenger automatically. Speaking for myself my car is excellent on gas and I myself average around 20.00 an hour after everything which I am ok with but I do have to hustle a bit as far as maintenance I do my own work on my car
Actually I don't do much taxiing around myself. I work for the largest cab company in the state and we have a lot of bells. If you're up you go get the fare unless somebody else is closer and everyone's location is monitored by GPS/computer. Also certain taxis are not licensed to pick up in certain towns while other taxis are, which also determines who gets a certain call. I myself sit at taxi stands and wait for people to walk up to me or my dispatcher to give me something. People have this misunderstanding that taxis are driving around all day looking for people. That's not necessarily the case. You sit outside a taxi stand, Hotel, bus terminal, airport, train station and you get plenty of work on your own not to mention what you get dispatched to. Plus we have many reservations which add to the work...
The taxi industry changed alot. I drove taxi when I was younger and I had to lease the car from the taxi company I couldn't make any money. You had to taxi around. It was for yellow cab. I didn't like it at all.lol
Yes the company I work for you to sign a lease to work for them. Some companies make their drivers illegally rent the cab for say like $40 a day, when you're only supposed to pay a percentage of the meter or miles. My company pays the 40% cut of the meter which doesn't sound like a lot but you get a $1.30 for each extra person over 2, the first two are free plus you get to keep all your tips. I average about 200 a day in the summer which means I have to put at least 500 on the meter. When it's slower I make maybe about 100-150 a day. This is extremely good for Rhode Island cab driver. Many of the drivers here ***** about 60% cut the owner gets. They don't seem to realize I understand with his 60% he has to pay the payroll staff, the IT guy he has on staff to take care of any computer issues and GPS issues, dispatchers, the cabs, the registration, the insurance, and the two full-time mechanics he keeps on staff. He has to reinvest that if he wants to continue to do business and many of the cabs are running 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I make my own hours there we get a lot of airports from Newport to Providence and many people catching the train in South Kingstown and the ferry from Narragansett as well as pick up those places. I have a several repeat customers that do long trips because I pass out my business card and once I find out why they were in town I can try to set up a return trip or ask him to call me the night before to set anything up they want. We really are independent contractors here that the cab company at work yet because we can make our own hours, find our own fares and solicit and maintain our own customers and pass out on business cards with our personal numbers on them
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Did you drive for Yellow Cab in Providence? I know they're based out of Cranston or something. Driving in Providence way too cut throat. Too many cab companies not enough jobs. And they have some of the worst cab drivers ever. I worked with them I know this for a fact. I even consider driving for Uber but too many things were negative in my eyes. Even when I came to this company the manager told me about how much you could put on the meter a day, telling me that many of the drivers average $600 to $800 on the meter a day with a 40% split. I thought he was exaggerating haven driven in Providence and 200 on the meter today was an excellent day. But what he told me was absolutely true and they actually run things by the book legally with proper forms and everything. They know of my pain condition and let me go home early if I want to but I also can come in anytime that I'm not working and drive if a cab is available which it usually is given the company has 36. We also have to pay for my own gas and a dollar for any tolls over the Newport Bridge but only one we have somebody in the car with the meter on can you turn it down when you cross the bridge. Some cop owns Yellow Cab now I don't know if he was the I know when you work there but I know all the yellow cab drivers ***** about him
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I worked for Yellow Cab in New London Connecticut I had to pay them $130 a day for a 6 hour shift of course there are bad things about driving for Uber but the thing I like about it is that I can turn the app on and off whenever I want
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