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Want more tips now?

You've tried the rest: pleasant salutations, aux cords, free crap, driving like a maniac, not driving like a maniac, happy endings and foot rubs. But it doesn't work does it?

Now, try the best!

I've developed a surefire process to earn mowr tips and I'm excited to offer it to my fellow LA fuber drivers. The first 5 applicants will receive 50%* off my revolutionary, groundbreaking system I call Make Mowr Meow!***

Here's a sneak peek to wet your beak's**:

Tip 1) Mirror your PAX:
Does your PAX fart alot? Well then you, my friend should fart alot. Lock the windows and hotbox that baby. PAX needs air, wants the windows rolled down? That'll be $5 please sir/ma'am. Boom! That's Cash money in your pocket to buy drugz! (I assume you're all addicts racked with guilt driving Uber to punish yourselves)

Does your PAX hate (insert social/political issue here)? Guess what? You hate that ish too! Cash money.

Act now to take advantage of this limited time offer!


*50% discount applicable after 420% premium assecorial fees are applied to base plan charge.
Payments will be deducted weekly from your fuber earnings.
SideHustleGig is not responsible for any loss that may be incurred by any person resulting from the use of this program or any material contained herein

**Beak's is a TM of Tedgey this plan is in no way affiliated with and/or endorsed by the aforementioned party.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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