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If you aren鈥檛 getting good Lyft promos, don鈥檛 use them for 2 weeks. Don鈥檛 even open the app. Then 2 weeks later open it, and should have good promos again

This doesn鈥檛 always work for everyone, but most people who have tried it say it works for them
Yea I had 10 ride $ 120 guarantee quest this week so I did 10 rides. It pay extra $44.69... I didn't get any Lux ride this weekend....

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I gotta say... without those bonus and guarantee..... the Money is Not there 馃樁
I still prefer Uber and Lyft just start paying $ 0.9 per mile like other city with cheaper gas.

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this is where you messed up

you need to not do anything for weeks at a time. Not even opening up the app

or try this

do an entire week of Lyft like 20-30 hours then don鈥檛 even open the app for 2-4 weeks. You will definitely get something decent in promos

Lyft is similar to a casino rewards program
If you gamble a lot one day then don鈥檛 go back for a few months the casino will send you great offers to get you to come back
I think it could be a month? The ranking period?

I got those bonus right after I finish 20 rides and re-obtain my "Silver" Lyft driver status 馃槅

Dunno, I gonna drive all the way to get my "Gold" Driver status back and see if they offer me better bonus 炉\(銉)/炉
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