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One of these was near home last night....100% Prime Time Guaranteed from 9 - 11 pm.

I sat in the zone for about 90 minutes of that time with no pings....At least 10 other drivers were in the same parking lot according to the pax app.

I learned pretty quickly not to chase the red zones as they usually disappear before you get there, but are theses power zones just as much a waste of time?

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These power zones are odd. Friday night I was hoping in DTPHX getting surges etc. and constantly passed lyft riders sitting and waiting. Frankly, not sure if I ever made a ride in one of these zones yet.
They are used by Lyft to manipulate driver behavior and flood the area with drivers to cover "demand" and cut down on PrimeTime so pax dont have to pay extra. Same thing Uber does with Boost.

When drivers sit in these Power Zone/Boost areas they are surrounded by so many other drivers who are all hoping for that big money ride that isnt going to happen.
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