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Lyft platform down in Los Angeles. (Lyft platform down across the US). Huge surges everywhere!

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Is anyone else able to logon to Lyft right now?. At first I thought I got kicked off because of a bogus Passenger report. But looking at the map it’s surging like crazy so I’m assuming the network is down. (Updated) The Lyft platform is down all over the country according to Reddit users from different states.
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Well apparently somebody at LAX is still able to get through
Same thing for me down here in SD. For the lucky SOBs logged in now they will do well.
still not able to login but I will take any ride right now with a $20 bonus. This reminds me of the old days
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You would think if Lyft is down Uber should be surging but so far no requests on Uber select.
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If you guys have any money that you have not drafted out on your Lyft account I would take it out now just in case. Either they ran out of money or they got hacked. Lol
If drivers were logged on and able to take rides, why would it be surging like that?
Now the surges have gone down by more than half but still not able to logon that’s interesting.
Turns out our friends on Reddit are saying Lyft is down in every city across the United States. I don’t know about Canada yet
Uber not surging much either.
I drop down to comfort and was rewarded with a 15 minute away trip going 2 miles for $11. and with that I just lost upfront details.
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Paxes gave up, ordered themselves Ubers, demand diminishes on Lyft.
I’m not getting anything on Uber other than 15 and 20 minute away trips with a three dollar surge attached
Everyone should be able to logon again
Haven't driven all week and this happens to me today.. I thought I was deactivated
Same here. God bless all the drivers who stayed at LAX and didn’t move. They were able to cash in on that $60 surge. When The platform restored I was over a mile away from LAX I tried to turn around and hit every single red light by the time I got to the pig pen it was gone.
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0 drivers in the LAX queue, lol.
Wow 3 trips for $116 what platform are u driving on? Lux?
Uber black XL is where it’s at. No select. And then you’re all the way out there in the IE. every driver in Southern California is in West LA.
Some XL some regular. Yesterday was much better.

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We can’t buy an Lyft Lux or Lyft lux black ride to save our lives out here in West LA. XL and black XL are the ways to go.
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I tried to get that bonus but I couldn’t make it back in time too many drivers flooded the pigpen
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Damn bro ...
Pig pen is overloaded with drivers.
They don't even have parking for all the X drivers.
They are parked on the side n shit.
After 7 PM at the pigpen it’s been like that since May where people are parked all along the sides of the fence and blocking drivers in parking all in the middle of the lanes. People parking in front of the Porta Johns. It’s funny with all those drivers there’s still hundreds of people at LAX and waiting for rides and can’t get one. So very few of those cars that you see are actually online. Either that or paxholes are only going within 10 miles and they’re getting denied left and right
Uber doesn’t have black or SUV in the IE
Yeah I know. They don’t even have Uber select I don’t think.
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