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ive had many pax complain to me about me starting trips early..
but what they dont understand is with lyft,, all i do is say that i have arrived .. thats it
if you use the pin drop and you arnt where it placed the pin then once the driver getts to the location the trip will automatically start ..... unlike with uber that has a i arrived and a start trip button, lyft just has a i arrived button that sometime triggers on its own .... this is the feedback summary i got..... as you can see she had every intention on making the driver wait.. instead of being ready then ordering the service ... she orders the ride then wants to get ready ... for some reason she still gave me 4 stars....
just had another pax today say i stole a dollar because when i got to where she dropped the pin it sent her the trip has began text and she was 2 block away ...she called mei offered to come to her location she said no she will walk to me i tried to explain to her that its better to type in the adress closes to her instead of using the drop pin feature....
another problem with lyft is they dont allow the pax to change the pick up location, it only allows them to cancel the ride (with a fee)
now either lyft does this on purpose and makes it look like its the driver scaming the pax (what most pax think) or there is a major glitch in the pax app { if they got 100k drivers, and they are getting a 1$ everytime this is hapening even if its just the 20% they get that major bread over time...ijs}

my issue is why do i have to suffer form this as a driver.. my stars are low as hell and all with the same complaint...

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I love the lyft system because the cheapskates that will keep you waiting 15 minutes on Uber will come running out after 2 minutes ... @.20c or less per minute, if I come early it is out of self respect and for the driver not because of the $1 i will pay. Also on lyft you know for sue if you charged a "no show" because the menu option only appears after 5 minutes.
Lyft system IMO is better tuned to protect the driver while Uber screams FU at any possible chance to the driver.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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