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Uber got one thing right, charging rider if they cancel more than 2 minutes after the driver has been dispatched. Uber cancelations enrout have almost disapeared.

Lyft riders cancel between 4-5 minutes on a daily basis. Today I had 5 Lyft riders cancel after I was on the freeway toward them for 4+ minutes. ( I wonder if some of these cancels are driver's fake accounts used to get other drivers out of their honeyholes). Not one of the five rider cancels I had today qualified for a cancelation fee. I wasted miles, gas, and time on these crappy Lyft Paxholes.

Lyft better fix this. I for one am sick of mumtiple Lyft passanger cancelations that waste my time and money every day.

Also Lyft is all over us about acceptance rates and driver cancelations, all while they screw us over everyday with unpaid rider cancelations.
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