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Lyft line unfair rate

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I am a new lyft driver. I had 2 pax from chicago downtown to ohare airport by lyft line. It took 30 min (18.0 mile) to drop them off

passengers paid: $53.00
I received: $19.22
Lyft: $22.75
Others: $11.30 :confused:

Is it normal!!! I think this is not fair :(
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don't do lines
i refer to any interpretation of "lines"
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pool is better than line. you can't milk a line ride by going the long way. you can't stop new requests or cancel added passengers.
whereas with pool, there are places and times that i specifically look out for pool rides because i know that i can make more money with a pool ride than with an x ride because i know the tolerance for how long i can stretch a pool ride without raising the fare charged to the rider.
i won't take pools in the city or hood, i will take pools in the suburbs, i will take "long trip" pools.
What is the tolerance 10 miles? 15 miles out the way? Do you have an accurate guess? I use the same strategy
the tolerance is if the trip is completed in the same amount of time that uber predicts, plus about 10 minutes for pool and 2 minutes for x.
basically have to choose a route that packs in the most miles and tolls in the given time. there are times that i don't start the trip till i get out of the riders neighborhood because i want the extra time on the highway than on residential streets.
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