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Lyft line unfair rate

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I am a new lyft driver. I had 2 pax from chicago downtown to ohare airport by lyft line. It took 30 min (18.0 mile) to drop them off

passengers paid: $53.00
I received: $19.22
Lyft: $22.75
Others: $11.30 :confused:

Is it normal!!! I think this is not fair :(
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Never accept Line rides at any rate other than 100%+ PT. The problem with Line rides is that with each passenger you pick up, you actually lose money. You pay Lyft the ~$1.85 booking fee for EACH passenger.


Say you pick up Passenger A and they want to go 1 mile down the road. In that time, Lyft may have you pick up a second passenger on the same road going to the same place. The problem? You almost guaranteed won't make anywhere near $1.85 in distance/time rates picking that second passenger up because they are already on your route. So when you DO pick them up, you pay the $1.85 booking fee to Lyft and are essentially now paying Lyft to transport them and getting absolutely nothing out of it.

Even if Passenger A and Passenger B each pay Lyft $10, for $20 total paid to Lyft, you will only make maybe $6 on the ride at base rates. The more passengers you pick up, essentially the less your percentage gets as Lyft takes the $1.85 with each passenger. Line trips get exponentially worse for you the longer they last.

Lyft will say, "...But Lyft Line means more chances for tips since you have more passengers..." However, the reality of it is that Line passengers take Line specifically because it is CHEAPER, and because they are typically cheap people who DON'T tip. I have done maybe 15 Line rides totaling approximately 30-40 passengers. Not a SINGLE cent in tips, ever, from a single one of them.

Only at 100%+ PT will you see any satisfaction in the fare you end up receiving.
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