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I had an interesting Lyft Line issue this morning. I picked up the first pax, who told me she was going to Scott St, about 12 miles away in a different city to the north. So far so good. I then picked up the second pax.

The app said to drop the first pax first, which I thought was odd. Upon checking the app, it turned out that pax 1 had entered a different Scott St, not in the city she intended, but a Scott St 5 miles to the south.

So I explained to both pax that as pax 1 had messed up by entering the wrong address, I would have to cancel the whole Line and they would both have to rerequest.

Pax 1 pipes up with, "can't you take her to her destination and then to mine?"

"No, because there is no job booked to where you want to go", I said.

So I had them both rerequest and, because they were going in opposite directions, they would not be going together. I decided to take the ping of whichever rerequested me first and ask the other one to get out.

Pax 2 managed it first; the other one said she had no signal, the app wasn't working etc etc. "Oh, I'll just get a cab", she said.

- "Good idea"
- "Can you drive me to a taxi base?"
- "No"
- "But it's 3:30 in the morning"
- "I'm sorry you entered the wrong destination address, but there's nothing I can do. If I give you a ride with no job booked then there is no insurance"
- "Can you drive me to a major avenue so I have a chance of hailing a cab?"
- "No. There's a main road right behind us"

So pax 1 gets out in a huff and goes off on foot in search of a cab.

I never check with pax to make sure they've managed to enter their own destination correctly; I just drive them to whatever place they entered and if they did it wrong then it falls under the category of tough shit. It is probably a good idea to check this on longer Line rides, if only to save some hassle.
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