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The best way to put a stop to this crap is for the govt to step in and set minimum pay rates for drivers and maximum cut percentages of the gross revenue for the companies.

The Washington state govt has set new pay minimum pay rates for drivers that take effect in January. That's a start but it's not enough. They also need to implement a CAP on how much the companies can grab from every trip.
Sounds like the government controlling the means of production. I wonder how hard it is to get an Uber in Venezuela? I bet the taxi drivers in NorthKorea are pulling in big $… The down side of living in a free country is you have to figure out what’s best for you and do it yourself. don’t be surprised in Washington example you noted if Uber starts requiring a driver to stay online a certain amount of hours or starts controlling when you can get online.( interesting to note the pay for UPS driver compared to a postal worker.)
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