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Lyft consecutive trip boost

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Lyft has copied Uber and now has its own quest promotion.
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New! Earn Streak Bonuses
Get rewarded just for sticking with Lyft and accepting back-to-back rides. It's simple: Pick up or accept the first ride during the streak bonus hour. Then, stay online and accept each ride that follows until you hit your bonus.

Don't worry: We'll let you know when there are streak bonus hours in your app and via SMS, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Line Pro Tip: Each pickup during a Line ride counts as a ride towards your streak, so you can get your bonus even faster.

How It Works
When a streak bonus hour is live, follow these easy steps:

Step 1

Pick up or accept the first ride during the streak bonus hour(s).

Step 2

Stay online and accept each ride until you hit your bonus.

Step 3

Cash out and look out for the next streak.

Streak Bonus FAQ
Sounds exciting. What's a streak?

A ride streak means you complete each ride that gets sent to you (while staying online the entire time).

How will I know if a streak bonus is available?

We'll send you a SMS when the bonuses are available. You'll also be able to see active streaks and track your progress when you're online in the Lyft Driver app.

What if I don't finish my streak within the allotted timeframe?

No problem. As long as your first ride started within the bonus hour, your streak still counts.

Where can I see my streak bonus?

Your streak bonus will be added to the last ride of your streak, and available to cash out immediately with Express Pay. So, if you had a 3-ride streak, your bonus would be added to the third ride.

How do Line pickups work?

Every Line pickup counts towards your streak. For instance, if you pick up three passengers during your Line route, that would qualify as three rides towards your streak.

Am I limited to only completing one streak?

You can complete and receive bonuses for multiple streaks as long as the first ride is accepted within the hour.

How would I break a streak (and lose the bonus)?

Going offline, missing a ride request, canceling a ride, or turning on Destination Mode will cause you to break a streak.

Got it. Can you give me an example of how the bonus works?

Definitely! Let's use Joanna as an example.

Joanna checks her app and sees that there's an active ride streak bonus hour from 8 AM-9 AM that requires a 3-ride streak for a $10 bonus.

So, she goes online, gets her first ride at 8:45 AM, and accepts the next two rides after that. Because she hit her 3-ride streak, she'll see a $10 bonus added to her earnings on the third ride.

Note: Joanna simply needs to accept or pick up the first ride between 8 AM-9 AM to start the streak, and complete any two rides that are sent her way. As long as the first ride starts during the bonus hour(s), the streak counts!
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Gotta laugh.

Instead of calling it Streak bonus, they should call it Freak bonus because only freaks will sign up for this!

I can imagine.....first ping: 20 minutes away.
...second ping: NYC!
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