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Lyft needs some changes to match Uber's pro's, the above is one key thing everyone *****es about in lyft.

They need to start trying to clone the drop off feature Uber is beta testing and get ahead of Uber when they release, while at it... give up on destination since it has been working like crap for the past 6 months, I have no idea why.

They need to make the ticketing system as easy to access as Uber, built within the app, no website loading screens.

And some other stuff.

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I think the App needs an update. I have trouble with the DF on Lyft but not Uber.

Rarely log into Lyft as I dive XL and Lyft does not allow Plus only.
My premiere only selection is gone as of yesterday.
I finally went through the long process to call the support line last night. You have to go through their drop down menus to get to it. Takes time unlike Uber who has the phone icon you just press.
It calls SF area code guy answers and justctells me he can only submit a email from our conversation he cant do anything.
Ive had same thing happen with Uber after a update and their support people have fixed it while on call.
So much for Lyfts "support "hotline.
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