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Lyft Amp, bluetooth, navigation and audio

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I have a Nexus 5X and I drive a 2016 Honda Fit. When I’m in the car I can’t hear the navigation instructions if I have bluetooth turned on. So I never use bluetooth when I’m working because I won’t hear navigation. However, the Lyft Amp requires bluetooth. The 2016 Honda Fit does not support Android Auto, so that’s not an option – I already tried it. Is there a workaround or should I forget about using the Amp? These are specific requirements, but maybe someone else out here has the same and I’m just looking for advice. TIA!
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Mims Athome

You pair the Amp with your phone.
Your phone pairs with the cars BT.
Do not pair your Amp to the cars BT.

In your navigation settings there's a option to turn it on and off.

This is the stock gps with lyft. I have mine set to no audio.
View attachment 195263
If your want audio click Audio Settings and click all audio
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And to make the sound come out the car speaker click Enable Bluetooth Audio
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Thanks for the help!

I actually love the glow of the Amps coming toward me.

Just me...

I wish Uber had a serious equivalent.
I like the idea of Amp, as long as I can get it to work! My main issue is with bluetooth in my car. I think I'm doing it wrong and got some good advice.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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