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Like 95% of the time, not hearing the Chime / Ping when the request comes in. Nope, it's not on my end, cause sometimes it does sound off correctly.

Same with that other useless Chime when the next fare amount is added to the total.

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Lyft sucks. Their app sucks so much. I hate the multiple reminders it gives me when I pass on a ride.
I hate that they sent me the same Lyft Line ping twice, after I decline it, to drive down my acceptance rating just so that they don't pay out bonuses.
I hate Lyft.
I do hate that one, how you get the same ping 5x in a row after turning it down. Happens to me constantly. And I mean it is IMMEDIATE, literally there was not enough time for (a) another driver(s) to also deny it, or (b) for the rider to re-request. It happens in about a half second and is an obvious AR penalty for turning it down.

Good way to fight back, just let the timer keep hitting 0 and wasting the passenger's time instead of tapping the 'X' to deny the call. Passenger will get impatient and do Uber instead. Two can play that game!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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