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if what it says is true. maybe uber buys lyft. lowers prices. dara. gets mega bonus..
only thing that could kill lyft was a major catastrophic problem. oh well
Uber will never buy Lyft for the simple fact that then it would become a monopoly in the eyes of the Department of Justice. They would force a breakup of the holdings much like they did back in the AT&T days. I see an angel investor (Bezos, Soros or Buffett) in the future for Lyft. Any company of size (GE, Apple, Amazon) could take over the holdings of Lyft and actually perfect the business model into a well running machine IMHO. If that were the case, Lyft could actually swamp Uber within a few years, but only if they can come up with some major fundamental changes.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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