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I understand Lux wasn't as busy as it once was, when Uber was launched in London aimed at the premium market only, where it was typically £50 an hour doing minimum fare jobs in and around Mayfair.

Don't know about now though, many former Lux customers use Exec.

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Lux has long reached saturation point.

And due to the simple fact that Lux drivers tend to have higher outgoings and also more time in the industry they will vote with their feet pretty quickly.

I don't know of any of the early Lux drivers that still work full time on Lux.

In fact most have stopped it completely due to the reduction in customer quality after X was introduced.

Drivers invest in a better car to get away from low end punters.

They also fot their pricepoints wrong when they brought in Exec.

They have been deactivating drivers with 09plate S Class sincs Christmas.

But for some reason they have had several drivers starting in brand new S Class!

The trade will always have drivers that can't tell what is genuine weekly profit and what is actually the cash realisation of the depreciation of their biggest business asset, their car.

Though PH has always had those that get HP and then don't pay it back and run the car into the ground till the car gets found by the Finance Company.


Then repeat in a different name.
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