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I am trying to start driving this 4th of July weekend here in S. FL. Last week I uploaded my registration, proof of insurance and my security ck was verified. I bought a 2016 Madza 3 and I am ready to go. I thought anyway. I was listening to an Uber live webcast a couple of days ago and learned that a new county requirement means my car needed to be inspected by this coming Monday and a form uploaded to them. 35 bucks later I have the form and contact uber to ask where I upload it to. The email me back hours later saying they don't have any documents at all from me. Well I know they do and I emailed them back telling them so. I was communicating with one of their employees on a live chat forum when I uploaded them and they verified they received them. Also on my Uber Partner app it shows the documents and the dates they expire. I have yet to hear back from them. Has any one else had any issues with the Uber corporate office? I can't help but wonder if they can't keep this information straight how accurate is the payout going to be.
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