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When the final ok is given.
Lets all go at once to celebrate together.
20 ****ing thousand of us.
All cruising the horseshoe as one.
It will be glorious (and in slow motion).

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I like your plan but from international to about the middle of 6, I have no cell service. Might make it tough for precision strikes.
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from website, looks like they should be voting on it very soon. The rec is to approve. Detail is below.

from today's agenda

ITEM NO. (13)
CD 11
TRADE, COMMERCE, AND TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE REPORT relative to the Board of Airport Commissioners' (Board) July 16, 2015 action approving a Non-Exclusive License Agreement covering Transportation Network Companies (TNC) servicing Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).


    Recommendations for Council action:
    1. CONCUR with the Board's July 16, 2015 action approving a Non-Exclusive License Agreement covering TNCs servicing LAX.
    2. INSTRUCT the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) to report to the Trade, Commerce and Tourism Committee in six months and one year with status reports of ground transportation operations at LAX including: a. The progress of the Geo-Fence. b. Driver citations relating to TNCs, taxis and limousine drivers.
    3. INSTRUCT the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) to draft a plan to streamline taxi regulations.
    4. SUPPORT AB 1422 (Cooper) to allow TNCs to participate in the California Department of Motor Vehicles Pull Notice Program.
    5. REQUEST the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to provide the Information Technology Agency with zip code information on pick-up/drop-off locations for TNC rides in Los Angeles to be used for posting on the City's Open Data Portal or providing such information to the LAWA.
    6. INSTRUCT the LAWA to report with a third party audit of revenue of TNC dropoffs/ pick-ups at LAX.
    7. INSTRUCT the LAWA to report on Clean Fleet requirements.
    8. INSTRUCT the City Administrative Officer (CAO) to identify funding to update LADOT's taxi permitting technology.
    9. ADD to the City's State legislative program an official position to request the CPUC to develop a revised, comprehensive, and uniform background check process for TNCs, limos, buses, and all other pre-arranged ride services as applicable, exploring both finger-printing, commercial databases, and the recommended best practices of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.
    10. ENCOURAGE the Board to adopt uniform standards, as appropriate, for all LAWA-regulated ground transportation operators and/or companies.
    11. INSTRUCT the LADOT to report to the Transportation Committee on the actions necessary to require taxis to comply with the same background check processes as TNCs.
Fiscal Impact Statement: Neither the CAO nor the Chief Legislative Analyst has completed a financial analysis of this report.

Community Impact Statement: None submitted.
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