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Looking like a Lyft weekend to me

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Last few days I have had considerably more business on Lyft than Uber. Makes me think they are more aggressive about NYE promos.

I run both apps equally. Yesterday I did 25 Lyft rides and 7 Ubers. Only one simultaneous ping, I chose Lyft cuz it was a block away. Meanwhile, Lyft is giving me shit for low acceptance rate and more cancels, primarily due to the bad weather.

Got 15 tips on Lyft. 1 tip on Uber. Hoping tonight is worthwhile.

On another note, I finally captured a good video I want to up load from dash cam! Got it on an avi file on my computer, how do I get it here? Tried to upload, but too large. Suggestions? I don't want to spend any money to set up a website.
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Post to YouTube and link here?

How the heck do you get more pings on Lyft?

How much time to you wait on average for a Lyft ping?

Your experience seems counter to most of what the rest of go through running both apps.

Oh, and I get about the same percentage of in-app and cash tips on both, maybe only a slight, slight edge to Lyft.
I'm guessing that since you start in the Couv, maybe that has something to do with it. I dunno. Maybe time of day. It seems strange to me as well. But I will take it, lol.

I will check into the YouTube thing this week.
This has me wondering.

Yes, I start in the ‘Couve but I often work my way toward Camas which seems more a Lyft town.

Then, I inevitably end up in various areas around PDX where I do about 80%-90% of my biz. Still, I rarely have Lyft pings.

Today was 14 Uber to 8 Lyft (all dumpy little minimums or slightly above) which is a healthy Lyft portion for me.

So, wondering, could Lyft be giving other longer term Lyft drivers preference over newer driver like me? I never turn Uber off and just go after Lyft rides unless there is a very decent Lyft incentive. And, because I’m busier with Uber, Lyft is off a lot during a shift. Maybe the Lyft algorithm is picking this up and sending pings away from me...hmmm....tinfoil hat on...
In the time i have been doing this i noticed that there were serious stretches where i got more rides than many others. I cogitated for months, trying to figure out the reasoning behind my "good luck". The end result that i concluded was that my acceptance rate, which hovered near 100% for over a year, was the deciding factor. I might be incorrect, but as soon as they cut PDB on Oct 1st, I cut out long pickups, and they cut back on my rides dramatically. An amazing coincidence that holds to this day.
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