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My wife and I were having Pizza and Beer tonight with friends we have known for over 40 years and they tell us a story about her husbands brother and sisters family.

While down in Wildwood, NJ they needed a ride to a restaurant for dinner and decided to use UBER since they planned to have drinks and did not want to designate someone as the non drinker. So the UBER driver arrives and they notice the vehicle looked a little shabby but who's to complain. Once the 4 of them entered the vehicle they noticed the drivers seat was pushed way back and leg room was tight. Then they noitced the driver had his bare foot on the steering wheel. Odd but then your at the shore. The driver asked for the destination and needed directions to the address, well once they started to move they realized he had no arms and was driving using one leg/foot to steer and use the turn signals. He used the other leg/foot for the gas and brake and to work his cellphone which was mounted on the floor. They made it without any problems but were in total shock.

They did not know if they should notify UBER.

Has anyone in that area seen this driver?
Was he a good driver ?
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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