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I am sure that he drives a lot better than the most of pa, nnj and some ny uber drivers who came to steal his bread. I guess he is local. And to report for what? He has a license, insurance and a car. Nobody wants dot medical for ubering yet.
If you need to report I can feed you with few lic plates who loaded more than 4, made turn on red, more and more... The police here doesn't care anymore for uber. Nobody enforce the law anymore down here.
The season is slow at all, hopefully will pick up, but I am just a step away to turn off the app.
If you feel better this guy to loose this opportunity, report it. He may not lost it, but what goes around comes around. Soon or later.
I saw a TLC in Wildwood last night. I seriously wanted to go ask him WTF was wrong with him.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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