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long distance trip and return charge

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The famous Chicago-Buffalo footballplayer trip is 532 miles and 8.5hours, the charge is 634 dollar, PAX gave $300 tip. It is impressive.

And I heard from a PAX, his friend drives in Connecticut, took a trip from Connecticut to Philadelphia, 3.5 hours and 200 miles. The PAX showed $100 in front to ask for the trip after he had been refused by two Uber drivers.

here are my long distance trips

trip1, day time, BUF airport to ROC airport 1 hour drive 65 miles, PAX was happy to give $16 tip but Uber app only allowed $10.

trip2, mid of night, BUF airport to Batavia, 40 minutes and 35 miles, no tips, didn't ask.

since then I read several posts about long distance trips and return charge, so I decide to ask.

trip3, mid of night, BUF airport to Erie PA, 100 minutes and 110 miles, asked for return pay, PAX refused and got off the car.

Are you going to ask for return fee of the long distance trip?
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I had a passenger go from UB North campus to Westfield (65 miles) on Sunday. Made $70 plus he tipped me $30 cash.
I came back up route 5 and had the app on for Buffalo direction only. Got one $10 fare from a drunk at Angola.
So not the greatest return trip but nice afternoon for a ride by the lake and great PAX as well.

Are we allowed to ask for return fare? How would that work, within the app, or what?
Supposedly a Return Fee is something that Uber is looking into...but the problem for us is that all.of Upstate NY is 'our area's. Uber can tell us to pound salt and leave the app on.

Unfortunately, my longest trip was Rainbow Bridge to Orchard Park, no tip.
I think you are allowed to ask for return trip fare on a long one, but obviously you need to do it beforehand and, unless they give cash initially, there is no way to enforce it.

After reading a thread about how much uber takes a cut, it's mathematically a bad choice to do long trips in uber (unless you are positive they will pay extra or tip well). When you consider your real costs to get to the destination and the fact you're basically guaranteed all dead miles on the way back, the per/hour is too low to justify it.

I would do a long trip with lyft because lyft takes 25% flat. There is a thread in the complaints forum where a guy did a very long trip and uber took over half the fare!

I will not ever respond to 45+ minute requests from uber.
On the Albuquerque forum there a thread discussing long rides. Discussion on Cleveland forum also. Check it out
My longest trip was Toronto to Montreal $540 fare, $60 cash tip and a return in Kingston coming back to Pickering for another $180
"You may also pay an additional charge to your driver for other costs or inconveniences, such as a parking fee to enter a venue or a long return trip after arrival at your final destination. "
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