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Local guy makes bad

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Andrew Gillum, who is originally from Richmond Heights in SW Dade, is having a tough post election period.

First the lost the Governor's race to DeSantis.

Then the bipartisan Florida Ethics Commission (5 Dems, 5 Republicans) unanimously found that he had acted unethically in accepting vacation trips from an FBI informant that were intended to look a lot like bribes (Costa Rica, NYC, Broadway shows, etc.)

He had snagged a CNN "contributor" gig after losing the governor's race, but the Florida Ethics Commission decision blew that up.

So yesterday, he had a little problem at the Mondrian South Beach, where he was apparently visiting. One of his buds coded, but Andrew couldn't help with CPR because he was wrapped around the toilet puking. Police also found crystal meth in his room.

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But not as good as Gwen Graham who might have easily beat DeSantis
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