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Just thought I'd write a few mandatory things all drivers should take note of and practice when there are winter storms. Feel free to add anything related to weather events.

1. Never take pool...duh, duh
2. Never take regular uberx, duh
3. Only accept 2x+ fare
4. If not surging, logoff, wait for surge to return
5. Ask for tips prior to letting in 4+ pax into car, then report to uber to upgrade uberx fare to xl fare.(after all, you are providing a safe ride to desperate customers in middle of storm)
6. Again, log off and wait for surge to increase in your area.

Pax actually complained about having to wait 15minutes during the snowstorm.
15 min! is pretty [email protected]#@ good when compared to taxi if they would ever come!!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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