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Left phone in car (UPDATE)

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so I got a call from the PAX who left his phone in my car.

when he told me who he was I was laughing.

his group were being loud and drunk . I think they were being purposely annoying so they can get to me, he kept saying during the trip " are we getting to you"? "sorry we're one of those drunk groups"

he acknowledged his group was being annoying. they were yelling and just being assholes

when I dropped them off I gave them 1 star lol for being asshole drunks and getting a short ride.

so whatever, I agreed to meet up with them to give them their phone..

when I walked up to them, I can see the shame in their faces... so I handed them the phone and got a thank you and a reward.

but yeah I t worked out for me. hope this encourages them to be nicer to people ....

if I was an asshole and left my phone in a car , I wouldn't expect to get it back lol

but yeah hope everyone is having a great day :)
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