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Late night drunk jac#[email protected]#@@$% story

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After driving for pennies on the dollar during the day and seeing lots of 2am surges I decided to try it for the first time the other night , After two rides it wasnt so bad , two really pretty bartenders going home from shifts and had some pleasant conversation along the way .
Well they say third times a charm and this was it . I get a ping at 215 am and head to The Hollow off 281 and Brookhollow and i see my pickup who looks normal at first until he gets in my car . I said the usual hello hows your night , blah blah blah and he starts to mumble something that i cant understand and he passes out in my backseat , I had never had this happen before so I stopped and asked him if he was okay , he wakes up reaches into his wallet and I could barely understand that he said " Take me to whataburger " and as he attempts to throw his credit card at me he drops all the contents of his wallet everywhere in the backseat and passes out again . I didnt know what to do so i went to whataburger and ordered some food all the while this fool is in my backseat passed out . He woke a few times and started to try and argue why I knocked his wallet on the backseat , I was getting really nervous because I just wanted him at his drop at this point , and as you all know Whataburger lines take ****ing forever especially when your in a situation like this .
When i got him home , i had to drive around his complex three times cause he didnt know where his apartment was , and i was getting seriously irked. Finally stopped at his door or at least he thought, then the fool tries to get out of the backseat and falls on his ass on the ground and spills his whataburger everywhere , his wallet still in my backseat , Son of a ***** ' was my first thought , and i stopped my car to get out and help his dumbass get up. I told him look at my backseat thats your stuff man , im gonna gather it and hand it to you , So i piled up a cell phone , a wallet , and about 100 bucks in twenties and one dollar bills strewn about my backseat . I gave it to him and he gives me this look likes hes gonna attempt to hit me , and says " Man heres a tip bro , have a good one brother its on me ( in really mumbled English ) and Im thinking hes gonna give me a 20 tip , but the fool simply reaches out and shakes my hand , WTF !!! I watch him stumble towards his door and fall on his ass again , I was already in my car and said screw it , im outta here this guys on his own , it aint my job to baby him .
Becuase he only went less than 5 miles to his house i spent almost 30 minutes with this jackass and made 3.56 on the trip i was pissed , The next day he calls me through the uber app upset and sounding angry saying he would like his wallet back becuase he thinks its in the backseat of my car which at that point i filed a major complaint on this guy ....

Not so sure i want to venture out late anymore, ill stick with my daytime downtown tourists

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Mr. salazar - do you know anyone in Boerne area; to far to have you drive up for the short trip i need - THX
Mr. salazar - do you know anyone in Boerne area; to far to have you drive up for the short trip i need - THX
When you need some one call 2108151879
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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