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2016: Chickend at Lambeau 10-38
2017: Chickened at Lambeau 9-17
2018: Lambo chickened
Go pack go ;)
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Some good riesling. Lol
Was it boxed wine? You sound like you were white girl wasted.
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Lol. I think I was kinda drunk aux cord girl wasted last night :D:D
And it was actually bottled wine, 14 hands but a bit too much of it.

True that and the pink ones are the best :p
Real men like pink. ;)
I get white girl wasted after 2 drinks so no judgment from me. I have no tolerance.
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This is So Hot...keep going... :)
Clothing Forehead Nose Chin Eyebrow

I'm now thinking Marky is a young Adam Sandler. I know that's a boner killer, sorry.
what ways? cheap drinks... cheap tent... ?!?!
Are you insulting my tent again, Marky? So rude.
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sorry babe!
Forgiven. You are back in the running to see my tent.
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jezzz! I'm about to get banned again... but might be worth it.

So we sharing sleeping bags? the ladies say I have a warm bod... as in heat. lol
I'm sure your bod is very... warm. I have resorted to sleeping in a 20 degree bag, within a 0 degree bag, while camping before, so you are welcome to share your "warmth" with me.
So HoTT... I'll bring the box wine!
Bruh, if you don't bring a whiskey that's old enough to order it's own whiskey, camping is not happening. This is one way where I get expensive. Since I don't drink much, I drink the expensive stuff. Boone's Farm and Franzia are in my past.
that's like a $200 bottle of Scotch! you're so not cheap
Thank you. Have you ever made moonshine before, Marky? You being from the South I'm assuming your hillbilly uncle taught you his secret recipe while banjos played in the background. I really like Batch 206's moonshine.
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I have never made one, but have had it a few times. Does that make me in any sort of contention for a camp night ? Lol

PS: My dad knows how to make one but he hasnt made one in ages.
If you bring good quality booze, you are in Captain.
Only drove 9 days this month as I have been traveling. Took the advise of some dimwit and realized most people are indeed unable to process much out side of their own realities.

On the road to Yellowstone, and then a West coast car club meet in Boise over Memorial day WE.

Nice to see you care.

My 9 days were not slow at all, and I have been posting on many evenings.
You are infamous, Martin. Posters must miss you or they wouldn't ask about you when you haven't been seen in a while.
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