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Khosrowshahi = FHP

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Fuber and Gryft are shitty companies. Still refusing to take responsibility and take care of their drives in this pandemic.

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Uber Eats, Doordash, and the rest of the "gig" delivery companies classify their drivers as their "paying customers", and the people who order the food deliveries are the drivers' customers, also known as "end users".

According to Uber, their customers (the drivers) "pay" Uber to "collect" delivery fees from the drivers' customers (the end users) and pass those fees minus Uber's "service fee" to the drivers.

So even though the drivers are Uber's "paying customers" under this system, Uber completely disregards the needs and desires of their own paying customers (the drivers), and focuses all of their efforts on taking care of the drivers' customers (the end users), usually to the detriment of their own paying customers (the drivers).

With all of this in mind, it should come as no surprise that it's the end users and NOT the drivers who are allowed to request "no contact" deliveries.

Thus, Uber tells their paying customers (the drivers) who are worried about being exposed to infected end users to **** off and deliver the food in the manner that the end user demands. Failure to abide by end user demands subjects the drivers to bad ratings and possible "punishment" including "deactivation" of their "accounts".

Meanwhile, end users who are worried about being exposed to infected drivers can demand "no contact" deliveries.

The emperor is completely naked.
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