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  • If you have joined UberPeople.net because your Uber account was hacked, you've likely been taken in by a scam. Please read this before starting a thread on this subject.
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Your story is fishy bro . I think your an uber troll!! My advice to you man up go find a real job better than trolling .
honestly? I thought the same when i read his story..
Maybe just "Uber" on the other side trying to scare some of us, maybe it worked for them? Who knows, who cares??

I receive almost daily but at least twice weekly another warning "account at risk" bla bla significantly more cancellations than other partners etcetera.. Never ever anything happened !
And even if they deactivated what the hack?? I'm glad if someone pushed me to find a real source of real income, instead of working many hours at ZERO just trading in equity of my car, nothing else.

I tried Lyft "only" last week and even tho waiting times at LAX are longer sometimes much longer than with uber, I still made over $700 (not earnings lol!) in 6 days..

I'm thinking to put a sticker on my car like a guy who's picking cherries ;-)

"we are allowed to POLITELY ask for the destination.. If it's too short I switch between too much luggage and rider requested cancel.
121 - 122 of 122 Posts
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