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Just got deactivated. "Ive had more cancellations than other partners"

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Started around May 2015 driving uberxl with a mint condition Honda. Have given around 700+ rides and maintained a 4.93 rating. I just got this text message and my account has been deactivated.

"Your account has been flagged a final time for having significantly more cancelations than other partners. We believe Uber may not be the right lead generation tool for you. We wish you the best, but we have decided to discontinue our partnership"

Doesnt make much sense to me considering i look at my trip history and it shows that ive had a bunch of "rider cancelations" trips and not "canceled" trips. Not gonna lie tho, I've been doing ARCO, especially on pool rides and non surge uberx rides, only because they arent profitable to me. Especially since they've been taking 25% from me.

Honestly, Uber is a great part time gig. I only drive on weekends and always cleared at least $300 on a Saturday. Any advice on what i should do?
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Your story is fishy bro . I think your an uber troll!! My advice to you man up go find a real job better than trolling .
honestly? I thought the same when i read his story..
Maybe just "Uber" on the other side trying to scare some of us, maybe it worked for them? Who knows, who cares??

I receive almost daily but at least twice weekly another warning "account at risk" bla bla significantly more cancellations than other partners etcetera.. Never ever anything happened !
And even if they deactivated what the hack?? I'm glad if someone pushed me to find a real source of real income, instead of working many hours at ZERO just trading in equity of my car, nothing else.

I tried Lyft "only" last week and even tho waiting times at LAX are longer sometimes much longer than with uber, I still made over $700 (not earnings lol!) in 6 days..

I'm thinking to put a sticker on my car like a guy who's picking cherries ;-)

"we are allowed to POLITELY ask for the destination.. If it's too short I switch between too much luggage and rider requested cancel.
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