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Fun story. I had a pax in Boulder a few days ago get vigilante on some kid who tagged my car with a water balloon as we drove through their neighborhood. I heard a loud bang and though we had been hit with a baseball or softball. My pax shouts stop the car. I comply and back up at secret service speed using my rearview camera to navigate back to the point of impact. The pax jumps out of the car with me following quickly to offer whaterver assistance I can with whatever we are about to do. The woman pax I had was chasing a group of three or four pre teens down the residential block shouting "that is NOT OK!". The kids disappeared. We then deflated the innertube they were using to carry their ammunition and then destroyed the remaining ammunition. I completly forgot to save that portion of my day on my dashcam. I probably could have seen the kid rearing back and throwing the water balloon. The balloon hit right on the rear passenger window, so I understand my pax's fury. Scared her mad! We then continued on our short trip and that was it. Just an unusual story from my week. :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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