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TL DR: Lyft sucks.

Driving along, giving a Lyft ride. Get a stacked request. It shouldn't even be called a request, since I didn't have the option of accepting or declining. It should be called a stacked DEMAND. But hey, I can cancel any time, right? So as soon as the ride is over, it pops up the map and tells me to drive 4.6 miles (for free) to pick up Barbie or Akhmed or Spike or TJ or Krystel or whomever. CANCEL, I won't drive 1.5+ miles for free, especially considering the likelihood of the ride being a mini ride. Definitely not on a Fri or Sat night!!

After 3 or 4 of those cancels I get a message from Lyft: You have been cancelling too many rides lately, knock it off. Got It? My auto-response activates, and I say "F you, Lyft!" even though they can't hear me.

Next stacked ride, it is too far for me to drive (for free). But I gotta make Lyft happy, so I ignore the request and drive Uber. Somewhere out there is a Lyft pax, who has already been waiting 4 or 5 minutes for me, and now they can watch me drive in a random direction as I give an Uber ride. No, I won't answer their calls or texts, because anything I say can and will be used against me. I will simply ignore the ping until THEY cancel.

After 4 or 5 of those episodes, Lyft has just about had enough of me. They send me a different message: You need to start driving towards your passenger. Got it? Once again, my auto-response is triggered, and I blurt out "Go F yourself, Lyft."

The final straw for the night... I'm driving a Lyft pax. Almost at drop off, turn on my Uber app. I get an Uber ping nearby, and accept it. Seconds later, Lyft stacks a demand on me. I drop off my pax and check the Lyft demand. Turns out it is only 2 blocks away, closer than the Uber request. Okay, I'll head that direction and see what I've got...

Residential area, no one standing outside waiting, but then again it's 15 minutes to bar close, so I can't blame anyone for not "hanging out" on the corner in the middle of the night. I look at the destination, and it's 15 miles in the middle of frickin' nowhere. Forget it! There's no way I'm intentionally heading somewhere that I have to deadhead back from, right before bar close.

I cancel the ride. Lyft shuts me off and tells me that there's a problem with my account. I check my dashboard, and they tell me that I have 1) been cancelling too many rides, and 2) not been driving towards my pax. Therefore, I'm in a 30 minute time out. After 30 minutes, I will have the "privilege" of driving for them again.

So, I drove for Uber for the next hour and went home. Even with flat dollar surge, that still paid more than Lyft would have, since Lyft doesn't pay ANY surge in my market anymore.

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Awesome Post!

Their message actually said 'Got it'? WTF?

YOu may have seen my thread on Lyft giving me anxiety?

I often cancel a Gryft ride if I get a Fubar ping while the app is still on! F them.

My average Gryft rider is not as nice, or going where I'd like to go as much as my Fubar riders. But that's just me.

They actually gave you a 30 min. time out? LIke you're a kid, they make you sit in the corner too?
F- Lyft, FT

Regrettably, I still go lots of places, with no riders back- for free. I'm trying to get better though, and have actually ended a few rides when I got there and learned where they were going. Lucky for me, both times they understood and made no scene, and no guns were pulled out.

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Going offline after accepting the first trip is the way to go on Gryft, especially during busy times.
This. Proved important once again this morning for me. Dropped off my first pax around 5.50am (not an airport dropoff, but a long trip, anyway) in downtown Fort worth. Declined the stacked ping before completing the first pax and forgot to turn the app off to head back home.

After a couple of minutes the app lit up like a freaking Christmas tree!!! I kept declining the pings left and right and with the stupid popup "cancelling/declining yadayadayada" message clogging the way all the time and trying to drive at the same time, I couldn't get to the on/off button until going through probably 10 pings. LOL!!! :eek:

PLUS, first all pings were at least 7 minutes away. When I turned the app on again after about 10 minutes, it began to light up again and all pings were minimum 11 minutes away BEHIND me. WTF??? I must've been the one and only Lyft driver in the city of Fort Worth, Texas at that time. And if there were that many pings one after another, you'd think it would call for some PT, but nooooo... :rolleyes:

Turned out to be a good morning after all, though. Grossed 135 bucks and change in little under four hours, 75% of it coming from Lyft.
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