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Hello All,
I need to take an important decision today as I have to sign off tomorrow, thank you all for your help.
I have been working with same company ( full time) for over 7years now. Things have lately changed (before covid19), made my position redundant but the CEO is saying she will give some other job and company will keep me employed. I had been working for 2 months with her things are not working for me. I would rather prefer stay home and learn few things so that I can work in proper IT field. Long story short I had enough and can't see myself going any far.
I am part time Uber/Didi/Ola driver haven't driven lately(for 2 months) but had sarted on July Last year and had drove continiously part-time since then (Approx $18k).
TOMORROW I HAVE TO SIGN JOBKEEPER EMPLOYEE SIGN. I know job keeper can be from only one placeWill I be eligible for JOBKEEPER from Rideshare. I have 1 month sick leave am I am intending to use as stress leave for now and then they will definetly make me redundant if I dont sign jobkeeper there.
Thank you all for the advice.

July $662.34
Aug $2,518.83
Sept $1,884.42
Oct $2,361.05
Nov $3,226.14
Dec $4,447.23
Jan $1,384.44
Feb $1,809.32
Mar $52.52
Apr $0.00
May $0.00
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