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So how is one supposed to get experience? Uber is sending out $40/hour welfare incentives...of course all of these people are going to show up and not know how to pickup/dropoff pax. Uber is the Wild Wild West. Your competition just needs to have a car, license and reg and a clean record and they can drive too. You might have thousands of trips but that doesn't mean squat. You're in competition with every other driver with the app turned on. If you want to separate yourself from the rest then you need to drive XL, Black or SUV but that requires spending $$$$ on a new ride. Some markets have something called Uber Select which are top rated drivers and nicer cars. My car and rating would qualify for that but the service is not in my area.
What experience do you need to know that you can't stop in the middle of the street & let people out into traffic????
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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