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Never driven a Prius on Uber.

But in my Jag.

Saudi Royals (think Kings Grandchildren and great Grandchildren not your less senior ones that knock about, Saudi Royal family is fookin huge!)

Ed Woodward.

Prince Williams brother in law.

Several Kazakhstani Billionaires.

On Uber I picked up Aston Merrygold, back before it all went to shit.

However I can guarantee that most of not all of them also use Taxis.

You won't win a contest of who have you had in my car with Taxi drivers to be fair.

Though apart from Aston Merrygold and Prince Williams BiL all the above where regular clients/passengers.

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name and shame? I had once a guy who was complaining about UBER becouse his dad is a BC driver. unfortunately his friend booked uber so he had a ride home. poor him, I just cant imagine how digusting it was for him to be driven in my nice smelling, clean car with leather seats, and this ''cheap uber'' took him home safely and he didn't pay.
that was a cheap skate my friend. Son of aBC driver in uber car becouse was poor he couldn't afford to pay taxi rates and pay for his friend. he obviously wasn't famous at all but really worth to be shamed.
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