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It's super Saturday

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Ok guys it's super Saturday. Better day . Followed by super Sunday.
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262 in 4.5 hours. Just amazing. I've been receiving a lot of requests right in the middle of surge recently with none attached. I'm going to go to the hub and let them know about this mistake on their end.


HAHAHAHA. Just kidding. Why would I waste my time assuming they give a damn at this point? Good to hear you guys made out, though. Hard to believe with how little surge I saw yesterday, but good for you!
When I had issues with no surge coming on my requests, while I was in the middle of a 4X surge at Made in America, I went to the Hub and they fixed it for me. They couldn't see what the surge was supposed to be on their end on the computer system though, so they had to take my word for what I saw during that time when it was surging.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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