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It's super Saturday

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Ok guys it's super Saturday. Better day . Followed by super Sunday.
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I will be happy with 50 so i can eat a good dinner!
I will be happy with 50 so i can eat a good dinner....

come on OGT get strong...u can do $100 +!
I need to come up with a plan to make 50 today. I need lots of luck or need to plan ahead for the next 20hrs. I see 21st and diamond as a good starting point! I will keep every updated on my 50 dollar goal!!! Goodluck everyone!
You lied :( tonight is worse then last night
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Bobby you lied, today sucked
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I made 97 dollars in the first 45 mins. $77 fare, plus $20 cash tip. Uber took 40 percent from that fare, wtf. Anyways 97 for the first ride i thought bobby was going to be right lol. I never rejected as many pings tonight as before..... i rejected 5 long trip requests because they didnt have surge. I even rejected an xl long trip just out of principle because it should of had surge. F, uber. I did 245 in 5 hrs on 7 trips(2 uber, 5 lyft). Granted thats not horribe but i felt uber was cheating me all night. I did my part to create surge tonight lol. Hmmm i made bank for 11 rides the past 7 days.

Who else is top 1% lmfao. Anybody??..?

But in other news i got tipped almost 40 today. I got tipped well yesterday too. So i guess i should be happy about that.....


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Lol, its about what could of been hans. I was like the only car in paoli at 3x+ today i get a long trip with no surge..... i was like wtf. And then the surge died. It surged a good amount today, i managed what i managed because of short high primetime rides. F uber for getting rid of minimum fare for drivers. I got almost 30 for an 200% xl that went 1.5 miles lol. Its about the what could of been made for me.......

U can so it in 75 mins.
It's restaurant week. If u hit that goal. Where u going to eat???
I had a salad....... not enough for steak lol
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