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It's super Saturday

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Ok guys it's super Saturday. Better day . Followed by super Sunday.
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Awwww poor baby. Only grossed 50/hr. ???? I managed to gross 350 today, over the course of 12 hours. Considering I only had 1 surge trip (for 8 dollars) I am tickled pink. Come on, man. How can you complain about 50/hr gross?!?!?

Ah, you do xl. Just saw that. I will agree that uber is so ****ed with the surge right now. I had a stacked ping the customer waited 25 minutes on me for. NO SURGE. Sucks. That being said, I'm always accepting long trip.
262 in 4.5 hours. Just amazing. I've been receiving a lot of requests right in the middle of surge recently with none attached. I'm going to go to the hub and let them know about this mistake on their end.


HAHAHAHA. Just kidding. Why would I waste my time assuming they give a damn at this point? Good to hear you guys made out, though. Hard to believe with how little surge I saw yesterday, but good for you!
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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