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So I needed 3 peak rides to hit the 140 pdb lyft bonus for the week.

Get up at 530 do the basics and head to Baltimore.

At 6am turn on the app. At 6:10 I get a ride from downtown to Pikesville.

At 6:42 I get a ride to of all places...


As I ponder canceling a little old lady is wandering to the car with a huge suitcase. I'm thinking I can't cancel on her.... so she gets in and I start the ride. Tells me I'll arrive at 745am. Sweet I'll have 15 minutes to dump into Herndon and get a skipped ride from the Dulles refugee camp. I can do this.....

Nice lady from South Africa who lives in Isreal and works for Cisco. 98 dollar fare. My cut 77ish. No tip. *****....

I head straight for Herndon fingers crossed. 14 minutes nothing....pdb is now 90 instead of 140.


Turn on DF to bwi. 8:02 ping to Bwi.

Fare is 75ish.

It's a game of minutes and random fate.

I'm addicted.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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