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Is this good: $26/hr for UberEats on bicycle downtown at 1.2 boost???

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I feel awkward asking other Uber cyclists how much they make so I have NO idea where I stand. I made the same money when boost was higher bc I had a heavier bike (45lbs) and hence rode slower. 3 weeks ago when boost went from 1.3 to 1.2 I got a light bicycle (23 lbs) and I'm completing an order every 15min.
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That sounds like good money to me (I've not done Eats, but have read a lot from drivers in this forum who do).
But the more trips you do, the more UBER will keep lowering your BOOST. Be advised.
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According to some random study Uber X is at 3.99/HR. So you are doing alright. I'd say.
It was actually pretty detailed study from M.I.T. , and the same group re-tweaked the model a bit, where the calculation came out to between $8-10 per hour, for UberX/Lyft

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Kurt, one more question: My tips account for an average 8℅ of my earnings. Is that good for an UberEats cyclist???
I don't think tips should correlate to mode of transport. 8% is really good in general in this racket. Most I'm guessing get less than 5%, some get more than 15%.
I'd say I average between 8-10% (on Earnings, not Gross) More like 6-7% on Gross.
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