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Is this forum a waste of time

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Someone post a question not many get a sensible answer.
Just squabbles no wonder real Uber drivers don't bother coming here anymore.
The Forum is finished RIP
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Yeap! Hopefully Uber = RIP the sooner the better!
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Dont kid urself, everyone knows all the bc trolls are just waiting at a rank passing time by trolling this forum.

Yes i work 70 hours a week but i can assure you i earn above the national wage and i am satisfied with my income. I do not give a rats ass wheather you or any other troll believes me or not!
70hours a week!
Accident waiting to happen!
Vosa should look into this.
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Quite the high roller arent you mate
You should see what uber hq staff bonus is this year for last years work. EYE WATERING!
Where i come from you have to graft to get where u want in life. You cant be a lazy bum with a fat belly.

Working 70 hours a week with the correct amount of breaks if fine.
Enlighten me . What is the correct amount of breaks?
They are here to break us free from the "shackles of slavery" lol.
Already in motion.


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