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By Scottie B.
I play Uber this way and it works for me

1/ Never take a request over 8 minutes away without asking where there going

2/ Pull up a pick up point, set stop watch for 5 minutes, after 5 minutes cancel and get a $8.00 no show, time is $$$$

3/ Once your doing a job pause all new requests, that shows less car on line, may cause a surge

4/ Never pick up from railway stations, normally minors and lazy people

5/ Never pickup from Ikea to load flat packs in your car, they walked down there or used public transport

6/ Never pickup from a Macca's store, short trip or after midnight Pax just needs a car to get order in drive thru

7/ Never pick up form a supermarket, the supermarkets now offer delivery services

8/ Never accept a job behind you in peak traffic, it costs you time to try and turn around and then Pax cancels on you

9/ When dropping off in CBD only accept a ping when the pick up is in front of you on the same road or to the left. Time is money and doing blocks of CBD is no way to make $$$. My CBD policy is get out as quickly as I can then log on away from the CBD grid

10/ ALL un accompanied minors WALK, rain, hail or shine and I get $8.00 on a cancel

11/ Parents with under 7yo children are banned due to the state laws regarding child seats. I get $8.00 on a cancel.

12/ Pax looks drunk or drugged "WALK" and I get $8.00 on a cancel. NO SHOW or the CANCEL

14/ The Pax which get in my car get a quality trip home with a bit of banter and I never ever drop off a female of any age until there safely at their front door etc

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We been through this,not sure about station pickup.
Few weeks ago I was returning home from half way down Frankston to city,got ping at Bantleigh East station went to location young women in her 20's jumps in and says Lonsdale street city 5 minutes from my home.
Turns out she just finished work at around 930PM at one of the shops there and wants to go to meet friends in city.

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He's on a 2 week holiday dusting his fridge magnets
Perhaps he has been inspired by this:
Article contains the classic (and Scottie-friendly) line:
"Beyond a periodical dusting, there isn't much that a collectible refrigerator magnet requires in terms of care."
Those magnets will really come in handy for anchoring all his sorted receipts and invoices as he readies for the ATO Audit he was threatened with a week or two back.

Me and Scottie, having a ball together
Not surprised, with that unused 300 litres of petrol put into stock. Should nearly get Scottie's Fairlaine to Melbourne CBD and back home, if traffic is fairly light.

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he is a mazda CX-5 dude...
all the $$$ jobs they take a toll on a 55 yo aussie bloke that like his beer and few bets on the weekend races....
Pretty lame, trying to excuse him on those grounds.
If that's true, he hasn't been taking enough concrete regularly and often.
EDIT: Just googled his YV Chrome Bumpers Club. Ironically, they meet at Bunnings Chirnside Park.
Perhaps they duck inside for a few noggins of freshly brewed 40MPa - 'stiff' drinks by any standards.
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