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What's your cost per mile? If your Tahoe uses regular gas, you're paying about 210 cents to go 15 miles, or fourteen cents a mile. That's expensive.

Check your XL pay scale, I don't know it, I'm an UberX driver. I drive a VW diesel Passat. 6 cents per mile. Simple calculation, if I drive 100 miles a day - half of that is with a passenger the other half is going to the passenger.

In the city, it takes 9 minutes to go 3 miles - net pay for that is about $7. Since I had to drive a few miles to get to the pax, simplest way to figure net is it will be ABOUT $1 a mile.

I set my trip odometer every morning, and it works out pretty much over the day to $1 a mile more or less.

If you take UberX riders and not just XL exclusively, you'll be driving your Tahoe for eighty six cents a mile.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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